The Zoo Story

By Edward Albee

Directed by Lijesh Krishnan

with Michael French & Francisco Rodriguez

final scene death.jpg

A man sits reading a book on a park bench. It's his bench, his coveted, sunny, Sunday afternoon spot. His name is Peter. He has a wife, two cats, two parakeets, two daughters, and more than enough money to live on. How do we know all this? Because Jerry, a stranger, penniless, lonely, and full of fantastical stories that may or may not be true, approaches him and starts a conversation: "Mister, I've been to the zoo today," he says, and so begins the wild and shocking saga of "The Zoo Story." A tale of murder and morality, Edward Albee’s masterwork “The Zoo Story” brings us face to face with those thrown aside by a society obsessed with material success.

Nov 12th - 22nd, 2015
Flight Deck, Oakland

Zoo Story TWO.jpg
Zoo TWO.jpg

"Is there a place for me in this world?"